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See Our Many Stories in a Rainbow of Colors Along the Black Belt Mural Trail

More than 100 beautifully painted Alabama Black Belt murals scattered throughout our quaint towns showcase our important moments in history, celebrated native sons and daughters, signature flora and fauna, beloved landscapes, and more. Check out our Black Belt mural trail gallery below for more information.

  • Alabama Black Belt mural of butterflies
  • Black Belt mural of woman on a bike
  • Alabama Black Belt mural
  • Alabama Black Belt of Edmund Pettus Bridge
  • Black Belt mural of Pepsi Girl in Crenshaw
  • Hunting Scene on Mural in Alabama Black Belt

Black Belt Mural Trail Photo Gallery

Use the list of counties below to filter the Black Belt mural photos. Mural name, completion year, and address are provided as available.

Louisville Bicentennial mural in Louisville, AL

Louisville Bicentennial | 2017

1914 Main St, Louisville
Clio Heritage Mural

Clio Heritage Mural | 2002

Corner of Louisville St (Al-51) and Brundidge St, Clio
Union Springs Train Depot mural

Union Springs Train Depot | 2016

299 N Prairie St, Union Springs, AL 36089 (corner of N. Prairie Street and Conecuh Avenue)”
Hank Williams mural in Union Springs, AL

Hank Williams Mural | 2019

N. Prairie Street & Hardaway Ave W, Union Springs
Eddie Kendricks mural in Union Springs, AL

Eddie Kendricks Mural | 2019

N. Prairie Street, Union Springs
Bullock County Highlights mural

Bullock County Highlights

Field Trials mural in Union Springs, Alabama

Field Trials | 2017

140 N Prairie St, Union Springs
Blush Boutique mural in Greenville, AL

Blush Boutique | 2020

139 W Commerce St, Greenville
Share the Love mural in Greenville, AL

Share the Love Mural | 2020

107 Caldwell St, Greenville
Grateful for Greenville, AL mural

Grateful for Greenville

110 East Commerce Street, Greenville | 2021
Founders Train Mural in Thomasville, AL

Founders (Train Mural)

33 Wilson Ave, Thomasville
Heart of Clarke Mural in Grove Hill, Alabama

Heart of Clarke | 2007

128 Main St. Grove Hill, 36451 (on Courthouse square)
Thomasville, AL Mural


W. Front Street, Thomasville
Evergreen, Alabama Mural

Evergreen | 2020

18 W. Front St., Evergreen, AL 36401
Pepsi Beach Girl Mural in Brantley, AL

Pepsi Beach Girl

9451 S Main Street Brantley
Luverne Pepsi Girl mural

Luverne Pepsi Girl

70 E. LeGrande Ave, Luverne
Luverne, Alabama Mural


7 Forest Ave, Luverne
Cotton Field Mural in Luverne, Alabama

Cotton Field | 1942

29 E 3rd Street Luverne
Revolution of Joy Mural in Selma, Alabama

Revolution of Joy – Coming Together | 2019

1207 Water Avenue, Selma
Arts Revive Barricade Mural in Selma, AL

Arts Revive Barricade Mural | 2018

3 Church Street Selma
National Civil Rights Museum Voting Rights Mural in East Selma, AL

National Civil Rights Museum Voting Rights Mural | 1999

6 Highway 80 East Selma
On Point Mural in Selma, Alabama

On Point | 2020

2301 Broad Street, Selma
Preston's Station Mural in Selma, Alabama

Preston’s Station | 2022

1411 Water Street, Selma
Window Murals Selma One Hour Cleaners in Selma, AL

Window Murals Selma One Hour Cleaners

1001 Water Avenue, Selma
Arts Revive Mural in Selma, AL

ArtsRevive Mural | 2020

3 Church Street, Selma
Ancient Africa, Enslavement and Civil War Museum Mural in Selma, AL

Ancient Africa, Enslavement, & Civil War Museum

1410 Water Avenue Selma
Selma, Alabama Voting Rights Mural

Selma Voting Right Mural

128 Washington Street Selma
Coca-Cola Mural in Selma, Alabama

Coca – Cola Mural | 2018

13 Lauderdale Street, Selma
Civil Rights Memorial Mural in Selma, Alabama

Civil Rights Memorial Mural | 2020

14 Broad Street, Selma
Madame Butterfly Mural in Selma, AL

Madame Butterfly

1201 Water St, Selma
Little Miami Mural in Selma, Alabama

Little Miami| 2021

1900 West Dallas Avenue, Selma
Butterfly at John Floyd Memorial Park in Selma

Butterfly at John Floyd Memorial Park | 2021

905 Water Ave, Selma
I Love Selma Mural in Alabama Black Belt

I Love Selma | 2020

126 Maxey Street Selma AL 36701
Welcome to Selma Mural

Welcome to Selma

Washington St, Selma
Selma Del Mural

Selma Del

235 Broad St, Selma
The Countryside Mural in Eutaw, Alabama

The Countryside | 1941

227 Prairie Ave., Eutaw
A Light in the Darkness Mural in Eutaw, AL

A Light in the Darkness

396 Morrow Avenue & Highway 11, Eutaw
Greetings from Historic Greensboro Mural

Greetings from Historic Greensboro | 2018

Intersection of US Highway 69 and Main Street, Greensboro
Catfish Jubilee Mural in Greensboro, Alabama

Catfish Jubilee

1230 Main St. and Beacon, Greensboro
War Eagle Wall Mural in Auburn, Alabama

War Eagle Wall | 1980s

115 S. College St., Auburn
Auburn Tigers National Champions Mural in Auburn, AL

National Champions

104 College St, N, Auburn
Salem, Alabama Mural

Salem Mural

50 County Rd 175, Salem (Salem Antiques Store)
Bless You Mural in Opelika, Alabama

Bless You Wall | 2015

1007 Ave. B, Opelika
Opelika Umbrella Mural in Black Belt

Opelika Umbrella | 2017

North Railroad Avenue, Opelika
Butterfly Mural in Opelika, Alabama


North Railroad St, Opelika
The Road to Tuskegee Mural

The Road to Tuskegee | 1937

401 N Elm St, Tuskegee
Ascend in Unity Mural in Tuskegee, Alabama

Ascend in Unity | 2019

201 W MLK Highway, Tuskegee
Waterfall Mural in Opelika, Alabama


1007 Ave. B, Opelika
White Bluff Mural in Demopolis, Alabama

White Bluff | 2019

204 N. Strawberry Ave., Demopolis
Home is Where My Friend Is Mural in Monroeville, Alabama

Home is Where My Friend Is | 2018

27 North Mt. Pleasant Ave Monroeville
Harvesting Mural in Monroeville, AL

Harvesting | 1939

104 North Alabama Ave. Monroeville
Spying on Boo Radley Mural in Monroeville, AL

Spying on Boo Radley | 2009

8 E. Claiborne St., Monroeville
Literary Giants Mural in Alabama Black Belt

Literary Giants

Mockingbird Mural in Monroeville, Alabama

Mockingbird | 1998

31 S Alabama Ave, Monroeville
Pushing Up Daisies Mural in Monroeville, AL

Pushin Up Daisies

27 S. Mt. Pleasant Ave, Monroeville
Riverfront Park Mural in Montgomery, Alabama

Riverfront Park | 2004

Riverfront Park, 355 Commerce St, Montgomery
Expose Art Mural in Montgomery, Alabama

Expose Art | 2016

3309 Carter Hill Rd Montgomery
Sunshine Mural in Montgomery, Alabama

Sunshine Mural | 2019

East Chase Parkway, Montgomery
Pike Road Mural Wall

Pike Road Mural Wall

4902 Pike Road
Nat King Cole Unforgettable Mural in Montgomery, AL

Nat King Cole “Unforgettable” | 2019

435 Maxwell Blvd, Montgomery
Edmund Pettus Bridge Mural in Montgomery, AL

Edmund Pettus Bridge

Corner of Lee and Montgomery Streets
OneMarion Mural


Wrigleys Mural in Marion, Alabama

Wrigleys | 1996

Green St (across from Teach For America 217 Washington St, Marion, AL 36756)
Welcome to Marion Mural

Welcome to Marion: Bloom where you are planted

Revolution of Joy Birdsong Mural in Marion, AL

Revolution of Joy – Birdsong

Highway 14, Marion
100 Lenses Mural in Gordo, Alabama

100 Lenses | 2011

80 N Main St (on bookstore), Gordo

Revolution of Joy – Stop and Smell the Roses | 2009

360 Main St S, Gordo
Gone Fishin Mural in Gordo, Alabama

Gone Fishin’ | 2009

128 Main St, Gordo
Mosaic Benches Mural in Gordo, Alabama

Mosaic Benches | 2010

25226 Hwy 82, Gordo
The Dickert Legacy Mural in Brundidge, Alabama

The Dickert Legacy | 2019

159 Main St., Brundidge
Peanut Butter Festival Advertisement in Brundidge, AL

Peanut Butter Festival Advertisement | Early 1990s

Main Street Brundidge,
The Runaway Mural in Troy, AL

The Runaway

Troy81 N Court, Troy, AL 36081
Our Heritage Mural in Troy, Alabama

Our Heritage | 1996

202 N. Three Notch St., Troy
Jackson Hardware Mural in Brundidge, Alabama

Jackson Hardware

111 S Main St, Brundidge
History of Brundidge, Alabama Mural

The History of Brundidge | 2016

128 N. Main St., Brundidge
Welcome to Crawford Mural

Welcome to Crawford: RC Cola and a Moon Pie | 2020

79 The Lane, Crawford
Stillwell's Service Station Coca-Cola Mural

Stillwell’s Service Station Coca Cola | 2020

US 80 and AL 169
The Phoenix Mural in Phenix City, Alabama

The Phoenix | 2018

508 S. Dillingham St., Phenix City
Southern Sounds: Hear My Train A Comin Mural in York, AL

Southern Sounds: Hear My Train A Comin’ | 2008

211 N. Broad St. York
Woco Pep: The King of Motor Fuel Mural in York, Alabama

Woco Pep: The King of Motor Fuel | 1920

630 Avenue A., York
Colorful Mosaic and Eyes in Cuba, Alabama

Colorful Mosaic and Eyes

Coca-Cola Murla in Cuba, Alabama


County Rd 110, Cuba
Caring Days Mural in Tuscaloosa, AL

Caring Days | 2012

943 31st St. E., Tuscaloosa
Tuscaloosa's History Mural

Tuscaloosa’s History | 2012

2005 University Blvd., Tuscaloosa
Tuscaloosa/Druid City Mural

Tuscaloosa/Druid City | 2019

1229 University Blvd. Tuscaloosa
Bryant-Denny Stadium Mural in Tuscaloosa, AL

Bryant-Denny | 2016

209 15th St., Tuscaloosa
Ocean View Mural in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Ocean View | 2019

412 20th Ave, Tuscaloosa
Black Belt Quilt Trail Mural

Black Belt Quilt Trail Mural | 2019

Corner of Union Street and Planters Street
Camellias Mural in Alabama Black Belt Region


Allison Wetherbee Memoral Mural in Camden, AL

Allison Wetherbee Memorial | 2018

201 Claiborne St., Camden
Revolution of Joy-Clown Quilt in Camden, Alabama

Revolution of Joy-Clown Quilt

210 Claiborne St, Camden
Railroad Depot Museum Mural in Pine Hill, AL

Railroad Depot Museum

52 Dunn St., Pine Hill
Flag Pole Mural in Pine Hill, Alabama

Flag Pole

52 Dunn St, Pine Hill
Fox and Hen Mural in Camden, Alabama

Fox & Hen

201 Claiborne St, Camden
Fox and Hen Mural in Camden, Alabama

Welcome to Historic Eutaw

131 Greensboro Street, Eutaw

Welcome to Linden
901 South Main Street, Linden – Marengo County


17282 County Road #20