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Licenses & Seasons

Alabama Hunting Licenses and Seasons for the Black Belt Region

Below we’ve summarized must-know details about our most popular Black Belt hunting seasons and a direct link to purchase hunting licenses online. Additional detailed information on Black Belt hunting and fishing seasons, licensing requirements, and where to hunt and fish – can be found on the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources website,

Fishing Licenses Alabama Black Belt


All public streams, lakes, and ponds are open to fishing throughout the year, except for some state-owned and state-managed public fishing lakes. It is illegal to fish in private waters without permission.

Turkey Season Alabama Blackbelt

Turkey Hunting

Alabama has a large population of Eastern Wild Turkey concentrated in Alabama’s Black Belt Region. The state has one of the most generous bag limits in the country – one per day, four per spring season – and the spring hunting season is one of the longest in the nation, beginning the third week in March and concluding after the first whole week of May. Clarke and Monroe counties have a fall turkey season.

Alabama deer hunting

Deer Hunting

The Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources sets the hunting season in the state. Generally, statewide, the deer season runs from mid-October through January. In most counties throughout the Black Belt region, the season extends two weeks into February. The WFF also sets specific bag limits.

Alabama Black Belt hunting quail

Quail Hunting

Much of the bobwhite quail hunting in Alabama now takes place on commercial hunting preserves. Lodges in the Black Belt region provide bird hunts in various styles, including the traditional mule-drawn wagon, horseback, quail buggies, and walk hunts. The season generally runs from mid-October through March 30. There are still some public lands where quail are still a prized quarry.

Alabama Black Belt dove hunting

Dove Hunting

Dove hunting season in Alabama is split into two zones. All Black Belt counties are in the North Zone and have a bag limit of 15 birds per day.
Alabama Black Belt duck hunting

Duck Hunting

There are several duck species in Alabama’s Black Belt region and almost as many hunting bag limits. The winter season brings in Mallards, Wood ducks, Pintail, Merganser, and many more. Pay close attention to the regulations before you head out for your duck blind.
Alabama Black Belt small game hunting

Small Game Hunting

Alabama has a great bounty of other wild game such as rabbits, opossums, raccoons, squirrels and even alligators that can be found in the Black Belt. Each game species has a hunting season and specific regulations. Gator season is open during the month of August to only Alabama residents and requires a permitted tag.
Alabama Black Belt hunting of wild boar

Wild Hog Hunting

Wild hogs are becoming more prevalent in Alabama, including in the Black Belt, and are destructive to the state’s wildlife habitat. Wild hog hunting is open season in the state. There is a large population of these feral pests in the Black Belt’s Wildlife Management Areas and many of the lodges offer hog hunting packages.

Alligator Hunting in Alabama Black Belt


Alabama’s alligator population has grown to the extent that they pose a nuisance in many areas. Implementing a regulated alligator hunt on a small scale is an important step toward controlling populations and better managing this unique reptile.

Online Purchasing System for Black Belt Hunting Licenses

Purchase Your Alabama Black Belt Hunting License Online

Visit the online purchasing system of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to purchase your Black Belt hunting license today.