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Water Valley Lodge

Water Valley Lodge is the destination for outdoorsmen looking for a first class hunting operation. Located in rural Choctaw County, Alabama, Water Valley offers whitetail deer hunting, Eastern turkey hunting, quail hunting and wild hog hunting. During your deer hunt at Water Valley Lodge, you will find at least four things to be true: we are efficient and organized, our land and game is plentiful, the terrain is varied and we have plenty of great comfortable stands. Our days start at 4:00am with a cup of coffee and breakfast in the Dining Hall. At 4:50am we move to the Boot Room where your hunting gear is already organized and in storage in a secure private locker. After you are dressed and geared up, step outside the boot room where our custom built 4×4 vans will be waiting. Your guide will tell you where you are headed for the morning hunt and which van to get in and you will be on your way. Mid morning your guide will pick you up (unless you have made the decision to hunt all day) and everyone will head to the lodge Boot Room, put away gear and guns then enjoy a short rest and some lunch. As soon as that plate of cookies, hot out of the oven has been served with a tall glass of milk, it should be about 1:00pm and time to head out again for the afternoon hunt. At dark, the guides will pick up all hunters, assist in locating wounded game and get everyone back to the Boot Room and Skinning Shed. After unloading hunters to the Boot Room and animals to the Skinning Shed, fires will be lit and supper served.

The remainder of the evening is yours…join us by the campfire, play a game of pool or cards in the lounge, or retire to the privacy of your room for a restful night’s sleep. Turkey Hunting at Water Valley Lodge offers hunters a unique opportunity to match skills against the wiliest game bird of them all, the Eastern wild turkey. Hog Hunting at Water Valley Lodge is included on all deer hunts. If one chooses to hunt hogs outside of deer season, the month of February stands supreme. During February it is still cold and the pressure of deer season is over. There is no limit on hogs at Water Valley, and the season is 12 months a year. We hog hunt from October 1 to May 1. We do not hunt hogs with dogs at Water Valley Lodge. We hunt hogs from deer stands. We will be there before daylight ’till mid morning on cool days and will start our afternoon hunt in the mid to late afternoon until dark. Your hog hunting packages includes meals, lodging, on site transportation as well as skinning, cleaning, quartering your kills and packing them on ice for your return home. Our hog hunts are semi-guided hunts. Upland bird hunting at Water Valley Lodge is another activity that provides lots of enjoyment for our guests.

We provide all the elements necessary for an enjoyable hunt: plentiful coveys, well trained, disciplined dogs and experienced guides in a natural setting. A Southern picnic lunch comes with both half-day (9:00am – 12:00pm or 1:00-4:00 pm) hunts. At Water Valley we do not limit the number of birds you may take. Wingshooting is unlimited. At the end of each half day hunt, each hunter will be given 10 Alabama quail, cleaned, packaged and frozen. Our full day hunters will receive 20 birds, ready for your trip home. Water Valley Lodge offers quail hunting from October 1 through December 23. We resume hunting again February 1 and hunt through March 31.

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2742 Melvin Road
Gilbertown, Alabama 36908

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Hunting: Deer, Quail, Turkey, Wild Hog

Fishing: N/A

Experiences: Bow/Crossbow, Game Prep, Guided Hunts, Gun Hunting, Lodging, Meals, Self-Guided Hunts


  • Overnight Lodging
  • High-Speed Internet
  • Meals Provided
  • Game Preparation
  • Pets Allowed
  • Television
  • Bed / Breakfast
  • Weddings / Receptions
  • Meeting Space

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