Deer Season Soon to be in Full Swing: October Newsletter

Deer Season Soon to be in Full Swing

The bowhunters have had the Alabama Black Belt woods to themselves for about a month, but gun season opens Nov. 23 – the Saturday before Thanksgiving. If you haven’t already reserved a spot at one of the great lodges in the Black Belt, there still may be time. Just visit our website at this link to find a lodge or outfitter that interests you.

You can also use our site to find great public hunting areas at this link and get your start in finding land to purchase or lease here.

Muzzleloader Awaits Big Buck Photo Contest Winner

It’s time to start sharing those photos of deer taken this season in the Black Belt as we kick off our eighth annual Big Buck Photo Contest! This year, our winner will receive a CVA .50 caliber Optima Muzzleloader with KonusPro Scope and gun case, valued at $535.

“We are excited to sponsor this contest again this year,” said Pam Swanner, director of the Alabama Black Belt Adventures Association. “We’re always happy to encourage people to share their experiences and great memories formed in the Black Belt and this contest always attracts photos from conservation-minded hunters young and old.”

Beginning Monday, Nov. 4, and ending on the last day of deer season – Feb. 10, 2020 – you can enter by uploading a photograph of any deer taken in one of the 23 Black Belt counties at our website: The winner will be the entry that receives the most votes at the website. You can vote once per day, per entry, per email address.

ALBBAA promotes and encourages ethical hunting and fishing practices. These contests were created to further educate the public on the abundance of natural resources found in Alabama’s Black Belt region.

Remember, the Black Belt includes the following counties: Barbour, Bullock, Butler, Choctaw, Clarke, Conecuh, Crenshaw, Dallas, Greene, Hale, Lee, Lowndes, Macon, Marengo, Monroe, Montgomery, Perry, Pickens, Pike, Russell, Sumter, Tuscaloosa and Wilcox.

Perfect Black Belt Outdoors Gift Suggestion

You may not be thinking about holiday gift-giving yet, but if you want to give perfect present this year to your favorite hunter, there’s nothing better than a reservation for a trip to one of the great Black Belt lodges this season.

We can’t guarantee there are spots available at all the lodges, but visit our special web page to shop for one that appeals to you and get in contact with them directly about setting up a hunt. We have 43 lodges and outfitters who have once-in-a-lifetime experiences just a couple clicks away.

YUDU Outdoors Making Social Media Great

There is a new social media platform quickly gaining traction as an alternative to traditional social media platforms for outdoor enthusiasts. YUDU Outdoors is an Alabama-based company that launched a social media outlet for hunting, fishing, shooting, camping, hiking or whatever

YUDU Outdoors. YUDU Outdoors has seen steady growth over the past year and now has members in every state across the USA.

“I think people are excited to find a social media platform that’s focused on promoting the outdoors,” said YUDU Outdoors CEO and founder Brian Senn.

YUDU Outdoors offers a variety of tools and services within the app to allow outdoor enthusiasts to share their stories. Some of those features include: a content-rich news feed, community and business pages, groups, photo gallery, two-minute videos, the ability to import and invite contacts, notifications, interest-based searching, weather tracking and solunar tracking activity. Also, there are regular contests with giveaways and discounts from major outdoor brands.

“Most people who enjoy hunting and fishing are also the greatest conservationists,” said Senn. “We wanted to create a place to tell stories and allow our voices to be heard so that we can pass along that message to the next generation of outdoorsmen and women and ultimately drive more people to the outdoors.”

You can download the free app and invite your friends from the App Store or Google Play to support this new Alabama platform. You can also register on the YUDU Outdoors website at and start sharing what YUDU today! Don’t forget to search for Alabama Black Belt Adventures on YUDU Outdoors and like our page for more updates around Alabama’s Black Belt!

Trade Days at Lakepoint on the Horizon

The annual Trade Days at Lakepoint are Nov. 16-17 at Lakepoint State Park Resort in Eufaula. The event is 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. each day and features the best from fine artists, woodworkers, jewelry makers, potters and needle crafts.

Trade Days will also feature lots of food vendors and live music.

Lakepoint State Park is located at 104 Lakepoint Drive in Eufaula on beautiful Lake Eufaula. For more information about Trade Days, whether you want to exhibit or spend a great couple of days shopping and enjoying, contact Sherry Muzyka at 706-681-8074 or

Camden Tower One of the Best

Camden has one of the top 10 decorated water towers in North America, according to voters in a contest run online by Tnemec, a privately held protective coatings manufacturer. The tower painting, by mural artist Eric Henn, was part of a great revitalization campaign by the Black Belt town in Wilcox County. It was part of a campaign following a Visioning Workshop conducted in the town by DesignAlabama.

The painting depicts Camden’s abundant hunting and fishing opportunities and draws lots of “oohs and ahs” from those who see the tank. (Photo by WSFA-TV.)

According to Tnemec’s website, the Tank of the Year contest has celebrated “innovative and creative uses of its coatings on water tanks” since 2006. “Each year, tanks of all varieties from across the U.S. and Canada are narrowed down to determine the most impressive coatings projects in the water tank industry.”

More than 300 water tanks were nominated for the 2019 contest and nearly 20,000 votes were cast online from all across the U.S and Canada. Check out the video of the top tanks – and go to Camden to see the most awesome tank in the Black Belt!

Wild Game Restaurant Open in T-Town

 A new restaurant featuring wild game recipes has opened in downtown Tuscaloosa. Raised on Country Burgers N Grill promises delicious dishes featuring gator, bison, elk, duck, rattlesnake, rabbit, kangaroo, camel (yes, camel), yak – from the Himalayas – and snapping turtle, when available.

The owners are Bo Lawrence and Tony Mancuso and their place is at 2217 University Boulevard. Reviews coming in so far are great!

Still Have That Jack O’ Lantern?

Here’s some great advice for dealing with your Halloween pumpkins – or, any pumpkin, really – once you’re done with your cool front-porch display. This is from the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division:

Whether you like to carve your pumpkins or leave them whole, when the season ends, many people are left with the question of what to do with them next. This year, instead of tossing your old pumpkins in the trash or letting them rot, consider using them to spruce up your garden or as a seasonal treat for backyard wildlife.

As you clean out your pumpkin and prepare to carve it, if you don’t have time to roast them up for yourself, consider roasting them for wildlife. Numerous wildlife will eat pumpkin seeds too! The seeds should be dried out, either naturally or in the oven, to make it easier for birds to break into them, but do not add any salt or seasoning.

Carved pumpkins tend to decompose much faster than whole pumpkins, which is great news for macroinvertebrates in your garden! Pumpkins breakdown quickly in the soil since they are 90% water, which makes them a great addition to a compost pile. If you don’t already have a compost pile, you could also chop the pumpkin into small pieces and bury them in the garden. Worms and other macroinvertebrates will love you for it, and the soil will be more fertile for growing native plants next year.

Lastly, for those that don’t have decaying or painted pumpkins, the pumpkin flesh itself can be used as a backyard snack for many wildlife species. You can leave the pumpkin whole, cut it into pieces, or cut out access holes to allow wildlife to reach inside the pumpkin and scoop out the flesh. However you choose to serve your pumpkin snack, place it away from the house, near trees and other cover and enjoy viewing your Alabama wildlife.

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