Alabama Black Belt Adventures Best Hunting Dog Photo Contest 2021

Hunters in the Black Belt are justifiably proud of their dogs, those who work the fields and woods with them. With these great dogs in mind, ALBBAA is sponsoring another online photo contest – “Best Dogs of the Black Belt” – with the goal of putting the spotlight on the great dog hunting opportunities available in the region.

The contest is open to photos of all hunting dogs. We love our lap dogs, too, but this contest is NOT for them. We want photos of dogs in the woods, on point, in action, or posing with their retrieved bird or game. Photos can include the owner or family members (son/daughter/grandchild) as a sidekick to the main star – your furry friend and hunting partner. A general snapshot of your canine in his comfy bed, hanging out on the porch or anything else other than showing off his hunting skills will not qualify.

The winner will be the photo that receives the most votes by our deadline of March 31, 2021. The top vote getter will receive their choice of a half day guided quail hunt or half off of one month of retriever training both courtesy of Silver Banded Retrievers based out of Montevallo. The total prize package is worth $375.